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How will this look alike?
Disclaimer: Story that is base of scenario of event is literary imaginary sci-fi fiction and has no real historic base from past or doesn't make any predictions to the future! 

Scenario and story:
You and your team find your self in a post apocalyptic imaginary world in year 2034. Human kind has not learned of past and experimenting with chemistry, human DNA and radioactive technology's leaded to major catastrophe.

There is a top secret hidden zone called "area 472", which includes abandoned burnt ghost village, radioactive wastelands, unexplained anomaly's, abandoned military structures put in to new secret unlegal use, underground science research factory's and unprecedented experiments etc.

Last rumors confirm surveillance information that company "Dark SKY biotech" has made some successful experiments in their secret laboratory in the zone. They achieved with help of captured talented doctor and with new experimental technology to make new super antivirus that has ability to cure new pathogens occurred. New antivirus has huge market potential and competing pharma company's wanting it too. So they unleashed in dark web a huge bounty to capture a doctor and collect reward to antivirus.  Elite hijackers and bounty hunters are now after it. Doctor made a new hideout somewhere in the zone and Dark SKY Biotech has lost the control. 

Your team's mission is now to infiltrate in to Dark SKY Biotech corporation as subcontractor of field operations.  

Thru world of misery and danger you have to make your way thru "area 472" and find doctor and his new hidden lab in the huge old military bunker and tunnel system and retrieve the antivirus. The humanity and all world put all hopes on to your team, save the world!
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