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Your adventure begins so: send an information request to e-mail:

Following info needed: number of players in team, preferred date and time, preferred level of physical distance and speed (A: chill, B: hard, C: quite hard, D: matter of life and death), preferred level of mental challenges (A: chill, B: hard, C: quite hard, D: go crazy) and type of event (just vacation/leisure, birthday party, bachelor party, team event, motivational team event, company team training event).

All such events are created as special tailored service. Available language: English. Location: Tartu nearby location (max 3km from city center, accessible by foot, car or taxi). Exact coordinates will given after registration.

Suitable gear: proper shoes for walking on terrain depending on current weater, hiking shoes or similar, some headlamps per team, mobile phone torch will also do

Suitable age of player: starting at 14

Walking distance on terrain: 6km

Recommended gear: mobile phones with internet connection and navigation abilities. It's good when you have offline navigation ready phone or other similar device with landscape maps. Google map is not suitable because it wont show landscape (only streets). For example and navigator

Players alone, two of you or small group like three, please send your request also. Public event not scheduled currently, but will be organized on demand...

Price: ask for an offer

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